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  About The School  

Brock Junior High

Brock Junior High services approximately 235 students from grades 6-8. With our campus philosophy of "NEVER SETTLE FOR BEING GREAT.....BE THE BEST!!!!", Brock Junior High prides itself on being THE BEST in all aspects of education.  We offer many academic and athletic programs such as Gifted and Talented, Band, Basketball, Cross Country, Cheerleading, Football, Junior Historians, Science Club, Student Council, Tennis, Track, Volleyball, plus much more.

It is our goal, as a faculty, to develop lasting relationships which fosters learning, trust, and commitment with our students.  We are very proud of the many accomplishments which have occurred in Brock's rich history.  We truly believe that Brock Junior High offers THE BEST educational opportunities to THE BEST students by THE BEST faculty in the State of Texas!!!